Pond Filters

Pond Filters and UVCs

Help to create and maintain a healthy balance in your pond by installing a filter and UVC.

A pond is a complete, miniature eco-system. Problems occur if any of its components get out of balance, for example pollution by fish waste, lack of movement or algae can all cause problems. Pond filters and UVCs help to create and maintain a healthy balance.

These modern filtration systems use a natural, chemical free process to create a healthy balance in the pond so that the fish and wildlife can enjoy a clean habitat, plants thrive and the whole feature is pleasant to look at.

Filter systems work by removing waste from the water. To get the most from your system it should be run 24 hrs a day and be connected to a pump of the right size for your pond.

There are a number of filtration options:

  • Mechanical - where there is often a form of mechanical filtration in filters it is rarely used solely by itself.
  • Biological - where aerated water is passed over medium on which nitrifying bacteria lives.
  • Vegetative - where water passes through medium in which plants are being grown.

These are often used in combination together and with an ultra violet light which destroys the cells of free floating algae. When purchasing a filter you need

  • Size of pond average - length x width x depth
  • Stock, plants and fish
  • Pump size (new or old) and pipe size
  • Waterfall and fountain dimensions

Whats available?

Our team will happily give you all the advice you need when you come in to visit. If you wish to see the range of filters we stock prior to your visit, please visit the websites of our stockists.

How it works

A pump and biological filter system works in four simple stages

Stage 1 - The pump sucks in water and polluting solids and pumps them into the filter

Stage 2 - The filter removes dirt and harmful pollutants via a mechanical and biological process

Stage 3 - The Ultra Violet Clarifier, either situated inside or alongside the biological filter, clumps the green water ‘algae’ together so they can be removed by the filter

Stage 4 - Filtered water is pumped back into the pond via a waterfall or feature that re-oxygenates it.

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